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Announcing Touka Koukan's first fanfiction contest!

Red Flamel Fanfiction Contest

Theme: Smut and humor. Yes, both at once. We want it hot and funny. Sex can go wrong in so many ways, and many of those ways as funny, so bring it on! Fics will be judged mostly on entertainment value. ***Open to ALL. Yaoi, het or yuri. Solo, pairing, threesome or orgy. It's all good. Just amuse me us!***

Prizes (subject to change for the better):
A) ONE FMA DOUJINSHI, courtesy of Sockren.
B) ONE FMA MANGA, courtesy of Kalika.
C) ONE FMA NOVEL, courtesy of alxed_lover.
D) Free pimping for all!

**Should the contest gather many entries, Kalika might change that manga into a DVD and Sockren might offer another doujinshi.

Length: 5,000-10,000 words.

How it works, in shiny steps:
A) All submissions are to be sent to contest at toukakoukan.com by MAY 31, midnight (there will be an extension if it is needed), with your penname and/or livejournal handle as well as the basic fic details (pairing, genres, any applicable warnings).
B) When the deadline rolls around, all submitted fanfics will be posted anonymously on a special contest account on Touka Koukan. (The names of the authors will be added once the contest is over.)
C) Readers will be asked to rate only the fics they read, from 1 to 10.
D) Winners will be declared, authors will be revealed, prizes will be given out and we’ll consider more contests.

1. ENTRIES MUST BE NEW, COMPLETE AND ANONYMOUS. They must not have been posted on the web previously or described in such details as to reveal the author. This contest is meant to spur fanfic creation and, to be as fair as possible, we don’t want people to be able to identify the authors easily. This is not a popularity contest. (Yes, you can have a beta or three, just be reasonable.)
2. You do not need to be a currently hosted author to enter. Entering does not make you a hosted author either, only your contest entry will be displayed on the website.
3. We reserve the right to refuse or disqualify entries for quality reasons (watch the OOC-ness, careful with fangirl Japanese and do spell check), because of our TKKN policy (people who have been found/are found stealing fanfic or fanart are banned from our contests, no character-bashing allowed, etc…), because of cheating or for any other reason that might become necessary to apply.
4. Should things seem fishy in any way (i.e., a fic seems to be getting unfair high ratings or unfair low ratings), we reserve the right to do the judging ourselves (this is our money, folks).
5. Not a rule exactly, simply to make things clear. The TKKN owners (Kalika and Sockren) are allowed to enter for fun, but are obviously not going to be able to win anything. Other staff members can participate like anyone else.

If this contest generates enough interest/entries/readers/voters, there may be bigger ones later. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or would like to let us know you might participate (we'd like to hear that), feel free to leave a comment (for those unfamiliar with livejournal, click on the link in the upper right corner, the one that says ‘Transmute?’).

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